Happy Campers!

101_2058 Guess what my family did last night?!?  They tried out our new tent, in prep for the Cub Scout camping trip this Friday.  (the puppies and I slept indoors with a promise to go camping with the family this fall.)101_2115

It's a great tent:  roomy with two separate rooms and I love orange.  There was a little drama last night about who wanted to sleep in the tent, but in the end all the boys slept outdoors and the report this morning was that everyone loved it.101_2114

So here's the master bedroom.  Scott even bought a battery-powered ceiling fan to hang over our bed!101_2112

And here's the boys' bedroom.  We'll have to pack a doggie bed when we all go this fall.  Not enough room in Mommy and Daddy's sleeping bags…

I don't know why…  but I think I'm even kinda looking forward to camping…  I like our new tent a bunch!

Where we goin', baby?


2 thoughts on “Happy Campers!

  1. There is nothing better than camping on a fall night! Fresh air, and just cool enough to be wonderfully comfortable while you are sleeping!
    Not sure about your tent, but a lot of them have doggie doors on them now to let your dogs in and out. Ours has one, but i don’t know that we’d dare take our dog with us! lol

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