Outside My Window…


Outside my window… A muggy, hot summer day.
I am thinking… There's a lot, around home, that I'd like to have help doing today…
I am thankful for… A weekend at home to do all the stuff mentioned above…
From the kitchen… I've been in the mood to cook, but just haven't had the spark to get in the kitchen and do it…
I am wearing… New jeans, fitted-orange-cotton shirt and slippers…
I am creating… an art clothesline for each boy's bedroom.101_1960
I am going…  to work on forgiveness.
I am reading… the most current issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine.
I am hoping… for peace and resolution, with the beginning of another school year getting closer and closer…
I am hearing… a little known song, recorded by Starland Vocal Band, called From Boulder to Birmingham.
Around the house… a complete and utter mess of craft supplies and tools and sawdust.101_1994
One of my favorite things… fresh tomatoes from my garden and sharing them with our puppies.
A few plans for the rest of the week: Knit Night on Thursday and another Cub Scout camp next weekend.
Here is picture thought I am sharing:101_1983
A milestone reached.

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