The New Big Boy Room

101_1941 Here is it – Will's new bedroom.  I think he really likes it, although it's going to take some time to get used to not having little brother in the room with him.

I've told the boys that while they're out for summer and on the weekends (when school starts up again) they can sleep in each other's bedrooms together if they want.  But on school nights they are to stay in their own rooms.101_1945

I wanted to put the armoir in the corner, but Scott wants it at the foot of the bed for future t.v. viewing ease.

We still have to put up the ceiling fan and find an alarm clock with a IPod port. (Dood inherited my IPod when I got a Touch.)  We need to finish the window sill and Scott's going to paint a space mural for above the bed.

In the mean time, Scotty is sad that his bedroom doesn't have a theme.  So I've agreed to create one.  He wants dinosaurs.  I've ordered a couple throw pillows and I'm looking for a dinosaur lamp.  Daddy's going to paint something like this:Dinoart

It's a T-Rex, which Bee says is his favorite kind of dinosaur, but whimsically painted as to not be so realistic and scary.  Found this one on at this address:[]=tags&includes[]=title and I love it, but sadly all the prints are sold out.  Love all the stuff in this etsy shop! 

So, with that, I think we're set in the boy living arrangements for a few years…  I hope…


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