Pets and Hobbies

101_1889 A summertime event just happened!  The pups got the very first tomato from the garden.  I had promised tootsie-pop and she's been waiting for months.  They were happy puppies!101_1890

I've only done Roma tomatoes in the past and they're small enough just to give them to the pups whole.  This was a big hybrid plant, so we took it inside and washed it and chopped it up.101_1892

And these are for our latest crop of baby butterflies.  Soon as I'm sure they have full bellies, we're going to set them free.  Maybe tonight.101_1893

Seems like it's been all about animals around here the last couple of days.  Our little betta, Azul, is sick too…  He's been hiding and acting sluggish for a couple of weeks before his thick-headed caretaker (that would be me) finally noticed grey spots on him (and only after part of his fin fell off during the last aquarium cleaning.)  Ugh!  So he's on medicine and is getting frequent house cleanings.  I sure hope the little guy is going to be ok. For a fish, he's been surprisingly fun and animated.  I've been very taken by the little guy.101_1913

In knitting news, here is Mr. Greenjeans.  I haven't read ahead in the pattern yet, but I'm dying to start on the cable part…  hoping it's next.  My goal is to have this done to wear to Vail in November.  I think it's a safe goal.  Maybe I'll have it done even sooner.  I made it two sizes smaller than I wore when I started, knowing that I was going to have weight loss surgery.  But this size is the size I'm wearing currently…  so the sooner I finish, the better.  (Amanda, have you ever known anyone take so long to knit a sweater as me?  I'm always blown away at how fast you knit!)101_1914

I haven't gotten very far on the Cub Scout socks…  My goal on them is to just have them done for when scouts resumes at the end of August.101_1916 

And finally here's my Rosalie scarf.  It will have to be blocked, obviously.  My goal for this is just to have it completed before fall, when I'll next be able to wear a scarf.  It's so drapey and soft.  I think I'm going to love it.  (Of course, I was given a beautiful, white, hand knit scarf for Christmas last year.  Thank you, Sandy, I love it!  But I couldn't resist making a Twilight-inspired scarf.  I know you understand.)

So that's all that's on-the-needles at my house for now…  you know, unless I find another irresistable pattern out there.

Off to find more coffee.  I hope you have a great Friday! 


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