A few more pages and Friday stuff…

100_1235 I'm so disappointed in my strawberry patch.  This is the third year I've tried to grow strawberries and they've done nothing!  They've had a handful of flowers and just as many berries…  not even a half dozen.  Big, green, beautiful leaves and runners, but no fruit.  I'm digging them up at the end of this season, because they're just a source of frustration for me!  These were store bought and semi-yummy.  I didn't put quite enough sugar on them, so they weren't quite sweet enough for us, but still yummy…  and almost as importantly, they were pretty!100_1204

So glad I got this page done when I did because Will is moving into his own room in the next couple of weeks and this room is going thru a major overhaul too.  Things change so quickly with kids!100_1205

Finally getting around to documenting Bee's losing his first tooth.  He was so happy and excited for a kid who was extremely apprehensive about the whole tooth-losing process…100_1211 

Love these pictures of Will, dressed up crazy for a school music concert.  Scotty made the art on the background of this page at our art party a couple of weeks ago.  (Scotty's our little artist, seriously getting into anything artsy, creative, markers, paint, messy!)100_1207 

And lastly, I felt like it was time to do another interview layout with both boys.  Just want to remember what they were doing and thinking at this age.100_1208   They love answering all the questions for me and seriously considering their answers.  Love those boys!  I think this is the third time I've done interview layouts.  It's fun to go back and look at the old ones too.

We're having a great time with our cousin, Devan being here.  He sure is an easy kid to get along with and our boys love him to death!!!!  Not sure what we're going to do for entertainment this weekend…  the weather doesn't look great for Saturday, but maybe get out the giant waterslide on Sunday.  Maybe the arcade and a movie tonight…  That should make all the boys happy…

I'm outta here…  the coffee cup is empty again…


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