Freeing the babies

100_1259 Scotty got a butterfly garden for his birthday this year.  We sent away for the live caterpillars and watched the whole process of turning into butterflies.  It was great.  (I had never seen it before either.)100_1261

I love this shot.  Will was fascinated, but Bee was kind and gentle, whispering, "Come on guys, you don't have to be afraid."

I've been looking for the butterflies  around the backyard.  The information says that they'll hang out for a few days near where you release them…  Haven't seen them, though.  The boys followed them around for 15 minutes right after letting them go.  Seems they have to learn how to fly, just like a baby bird.  They were pretty clumsy at first.100_1265

But after a few minutes, they flew away…  and Bee was sad.  So we ordered some more caterpillars today and will start the whole process over in about a week! 


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