Always so good to get home!

100_1159 The boys and I got home yesterday from our first summer break trip to Colorado.  We had a great time.  The boys weren't ready to come home yet. 

Got lots of pretty pictures of the flower gardens at Guh/Umpa's houses.  We knit and shopped, got to eat out.  It's always fun there.100_1152

Fell in love completely with their new pup, Tigger.  He's a labradoodle.  He's so sweet, his coat is so soft.  I had no idea labradoodles could be so small.  He's 2 years old and only weighs 8 lbs.  He's the same size as my larger toy poodle…  What a cutie-pie!100_1217

Got started on our Cub Scout socks.  I'm making Scotty's Wolf socks and Guh is making Will's Bear socks.  No, mother, I'm not going to tell everyone about telling you the wrong size needles and your having to rip it and start all over…  (I SWEAR I DIDN'T DO IT ON PURPOSE!!)100_1210

And so even after telling her the wrong needle size, she gave me this!  Isn't it gorgeous?  She started this afghan in 1983 and I found it, in her basement, a couple of days ago.  She's giving it to me, if I finish it.  Gotta look up some crochet stitches on the internet, but I'm thinking it's going to be beautiful! Willsnewbedroom

And lastly…  we've decided that Will's old enough to have his own room.  He'll be moving into the room that was previously the guestroom when our cousin Devan goes home.  Both our boys are getting excited about the whole process, I think.  So this solar system stuff is what we've purchased for Will's new room.  He's going to use Grandma's antique bed and we're going to make the whole room over for a young man.  Also planning on some small changes for Bee's room too, just to make it special for him as well.

We'll be traveling down to the Denver Airport tomorrow to pick up cousin Devan, who is spending the next three weeks with us.  We're all very excited to have him!!! 


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