Cub Scout Crafting

100_0888 Last fall we were invited to visit a farm.

They had lots of different kinds of animals:  horses, several different kinds of chickens, turkeys, cows, rabbits.  I don't even remember all the animals they had, there were so many!  The boys had a ball.100_0889 (so did I!)

These pictures were taken at the Scouting for Food event.  I was amazed at how much fun it was and how hard my little boys worked!


Scouting has become a big part of our lives.  And I'm very thankful that we're involved.  I've become a strong believer in the benefits of Scouting for our boys!


And I'm also constantly amazed at the group of parents who are in charge.  They're tireless and completely devoted.  That's what makes our pack so wonderful!  No doubt about it!100_0897

And here's the last bit of Scouting news for today:  any idea what this yarn is going to be?  SCOUT SOCKS!

I know you can buy scout uniform socks, but they weren't the right colors for my bear and if you make a pair for one boy…  (you know where this is going, right?) I think I have recruited my Mom to make one of them, though.

And lastly, the boys and I are having a great first week of summer break.  A couple rainy days at home to catch up on chores and video game playing and a couple sunny days now, with a movie tonight and fishing tomorrow.  They're never going to want to go back to school!


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