Building a Soap Box Derby Car

100_1021 Our Cub Scouts are having a Soap Box Derby race this August and everyone is very excited about it, including our Daddy, who couldn't wait to get started building our car!  In this first shot is the first of a couple of trips to The Mercantile for supplies.100_1020

Will loves helping Daddy do crafty stuff, out in the garage, that involves power tools!









100_1019 Bee loves going shopping, but the hot, sweaty man-work isn't on the top of his things-to-do list.


It's so easy to get distracted by baby chicks.  Even I had to say hello to the babies!


100_0857Shopping done, it's time to get down to the nitty-gritty…

I wish it had been a little cooler out there for them…  but I think they all had fun anyway.


Dood, waiting for a task to come up that is safe for an eight-year-old.




100_0849 Bee, seeming to enjoy the process, in between attempts to sneak inside and spend some time with Mommy and the air condition.


And here's the finished car.  I think they're still planning on cosmetics:  painting and detailing.  We've got to get some pads and helmets before August, but the bulk of the work is done!

Excellent job, Daddy!


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