This just makes me sad.

Jon-kate-gosselin I loved watching their show.  I loved watching them interact, like real people.  I just understood that, although she's hateful to him a lot, they love each other and that's the most important thing.  (I even wondered if their secret to success might be found in their faith?  They seemed indestructible!)

Alright, he may be a little immature.  What man isn't sometimes?  They're different from women!  That's why we want them.

You can hear Kate say, in just about any interview lately, that she does it all for the kids.  Everything she eats, breathes, sleeps is for the kids.  Even I know you can't live for the kids.  Your priority has to be your partner THEN the kids.   Seems to me that Jon has never been Kate's priority. 

I don't have much hope for their marriage, at this point.   It looks to me as if Jon has already checked-out. 

So it all just makes me sad…



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