The Good and the Sad

100_1027 First, the good!  Guess what I did this morning.  I got rid of all the clothes that are now too big for me!  They're gone and nobody can convince me otherwise, so don't even try!  I did finally make the bed too, after I got all those clothes packed up and ready for the Salvation Army!100_1044

And this?  This is the one fat outfit that I'm keeping.  I want to be able to try them on, in a few months time and enjoy the swim!

So this whole process has been so much fun!  I've also been digging out smaller jeans that I had stashed away and cute little shirts that haven't fit in a long time or never did.IM002312

On a sad note, today would have been Jo's 18th birthday.  In all likelihood, she would be gone by now, if she hadn't died suddenly and prematurely.  No matter, though.  All I know is that I miss her and still think about her almost daily.  I'll never be the same.


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