I scrapbooked for the first time since last September!

100_0835 I feared that it would be a long, frustrating process, having not done it in so long…  But I come to find out, it's kinda like riding a bike- you don't ever really forget. 

I found the whole process to be much less messy than I feared and I had a ball.  It was a real catharsis!100_0844

Absolutely the best birthday picture ever! 

I've been putting aside little bits of stuff that I wanted to scrap.  And I've been collecting photos for months, knowing the spark would return sooner or later.   100_0841 

I love, love, love these pictures.  They show completely how fun and wild our boys can be!  And I'm not done yet…  I have a couple pages  swimming around in my head at the moment and components of said pages scattered across my desk…  Just gotta find some play time to put them together.100_0842

Just happened to take my camera when dropping off boys at school in February and Bee was in a very good mood.  Love his long hair in this picture!100_0848

And what was the spark that got me started again?  This simple little Weekend Creative idea from Ali Edwards.  Simple, quick, easy and special. 

Also worth noting, she has started a new concept, on her blog called Tuesday Tutorials.  She's going to invite other scrapbooking friends/celebrities to post how-to videos for different and new artsy techniques.  This time is Jennifer Mcguire and if you read Creating Keepsakes magazine, you're pretty familiar with her awesome work…  I can't wait to see what it's all about!  Here's the link, if you'd like to see:  http://aliedwards.typepad.com/_a_/2009/06/tuesday-scrapbooking-tutorial-jennifer-mcguire.html 

Mmmm, need more coffee.  That's it for now anyway.  Got so much more on my mind today, but the laundry is calling.  lol


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