Feeling really, really good!

100_0829 Rarely do I see a piece of clothing that I love…  love everything about it, must have it.  I felt that way about this blouse when I saw it in the store.  I think it was two summers ago that I bought it.  The store didn't have my size, so I bought one size smaller, thinking I'd be getting into it any day.

Any day arrived this past weekend.  And it felt amazing to wear my pretty, girly, little blouse for the first time.  (In the end, you would know,  it was a little too sheer to wear out, so I've ordered a pretty camisole to go underneath it.  But it fits and fits well, loose and drapey and cool!) 

As of last Wednesday, when I had my last check up with the surgeon, I had lost 44 lbs!  I'm feeling really, really good! 


3 thoughts on “Feeling really, really good!

  1. Oh, that’s wonderful! It’s such a pretty shirt, and I’m sure it was utterly delightful to be able to finally have a chance to slip it on and flaunt your skinny self! Good for you.

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