Almost perfect

Co3ee0~1 Scott and Scotty had their fishing trip together over Memorial weekend.  They were joined by Scott's friend, Dave and Dave's son, Jonathon.  And from the sounds of it, all four had the time of their lives! Co4a0d~1

There was lots of fishing, and lots of fish almost caught.  I guess there were continuing difficulties with fishing line, that prevented them from getting the fish out of the water, which is a bummer, 'cause they had plans that involved a big, electric skillet.  (good for the fish, though.)Co4ee8~1

The little boys even found live bait…  Scotty couldn't wait to tell me how the worm still was alive after he pulled it into two pieces.  I thought I was going to lose my lunch…Co32f4~1

There was lots of hiking and mostly Scotty was leading the way, according to Daddy…  I knew he had it in him!!



Co36fc~1Scotty said his favorite part of the whole trip was the rock climbing.  And they must have done a lot of it, 'cause Daddy brought home 100 pictures!Co4ef0~1

They went up to the National Park and over Trail Ridge, but it was so overcast that they weren't able to see much.  That's a bummer, especially for Dave and Jonathan, who had never been up there before.  But they saw lots of elk!Co3201~1

They walked around Bear Lake, even though they probably shouldn't have. There were snow banks too deep and dangerous for me..Co4209~1.

I've only done this trail in the summer.  It looks like a different world in the springtime!  Scott said people had been walking on the snow that was clearly still over water…  NOT ME!!100_0693

There was four wheeling and many, many trips through this giant mud puddle!  (Boys!!)











And here's my husband, saving the day, by lifting the car out of harm's way. 













There were a couple of trips to Estes to buy fishing stuff and eat…  maybe some sight seeing…








There was geo-caching.  I love doing this!  Any excuse to drive around aimlessly, in the mountains and explore and take pictures…Co4609~1

I'm just posting this shot because I love it.  Love that they were all having so much fun and being crazy with their kids!100_0749

Love this shot!







"The only thing that could have made the trip perfect was if we had actually landed some fish," he said.

Sounds like it was pretty close to perfect to me.








One thought on “Almost perfect

  1. Sounds like some quality ‘boy time’ was had by all. Hope you made the most of it and got plenty knitting done! 😀

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