Our little tomato piglet

100_0669 I didn't even get them in the dirt before she was crying and begging for tomatoes!

She must not remember the garden flies that got her last summer…

Can't wait to get red rock around my barrels.  Supposed to be coming this week.  It's going to be so much prettier!



100_0668 Yep, little black puppy was no innocent by-stander!  He was game for stealing baby tomatoes when Mommy wasn't looking…


I put some flowers in with the veggies this year, in an attempt to make them a little more aesthetically pleasing.  My boys picked out all the flowers…  My bell peppers were pathetic last year…  I don't even know if I got more than 3 peppers off three plants last year…  So this year we have new soil and  I bought some plant food for a little later…  Wish me luck.100_0665

I'm not doing a whole lot this summer, because, as usual, I'm planning on spending much of our summer break in Colorado and won't be here to take care of things.  But I did have to do Iowa marigolds.  I call them Iowa marigolds because I harvested the seeds from our flower garden in the backyard in Iowa.  And it may be silly, but they're very sentimental to me.  100_9498

And lastly, Scotty is very excited for this Memorial Day weekend!  2 years ago, Daddy took the guys on a fishing trip to Guh's mountain house…  Will had a ball!  This year it's Scotty's turn.  Sadly the Nguyen's weren't available to continue the tradition, so our friend Dave and his son, Jonathan will be going.  

Will and I will be hanging out at some great mall in Denver with Guh/Umpa, a latte, a camera and air conditioning! 


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