What’s on my mind this lovely Saturday morning…

Aspen2003 244 Thinking about our upcoming trip to Vail.  Wondering how different an experience it'll be for us, going at the end of November instead of mid October… These first two pictures were taken in 2003, while exploring around Vail.Aspen2003 019

Thomas the Tank Engine was THE THING in our house for a couple years around this time, being completely inseparable, as you can see.100_5702

The next few are from 2005.  The boys were a little bigger, able to do a little more…



100_5607 They really had fun playing in and around that little creek!


And they both caught their first "fearsh" this year.  (that's the way Bee used to say "fish".)




100_5867 This shot shows a lot of the reason I adore our time in Vail:  blue sky!!!  And I know that the temperature is usually a little on the cool side, which is perfect in my book!100_5878

I guess this would be the only unpleasant memory we have of our trips to Vail.  While four-wheeling in Scott's car, we encountered a slope that was more muddy and slippery than we anticipated and we got stuck.  It was approaching sunset and my man was not a happy camper, trying to figure out how to get us all out of this!  In the end, he plowed over a small tree and through a clearing in the forest and met up with the road again, on a dry spot…  We learned a valuable lesson this day!100_5924

I usually don't like to separate and do our own things (Scott and me).  But this day is one I will always cherish.  Daddy stayed home with the baby and the big boy and I went to the Ford Amphitheater and Gardens.  Will was in such a good mood and we had a ball together.100_6021

Another big reason I love our time in Vail:  unlimited time with my gorgeous, sweet husband!  (He's always been a coffee fiend, but since getting sick, he doesn't like coffee anymore…  It's just weird.  I'm wondering if having a Starbucks just a couple blocks away will still be a temptation for him…100_9667)

Alright, now we're up to our 2007 trip.  This was one of the first days we went geo-caching.  There were ruins of an old cabin in this spot.  We had been out in the wilderness for several hours.  All three boys had peed in the forest, which, I guess, is super-fun…  (whatever)   I was about to have an accident, I had to pee so badly.  Finally I gave up, and I was going to give it a shot.  Soon as I got my pants down, Will sneaks around the corner with the camera…  I couldn't believe it!100_9668  Scott swears he didn't put Will up to it…

Also, worth noting:  these little vests were one of the first things that my mother and I knit for the boys, that they would actually wear.  I'm hoping they'll still fit one more year, this year… 100_9690

One of my all-time favorite pictures that I've ever taken.  This is Bair Ranch up Glenwood Canyon, just off I 70!  Gorgeous country!



100_9709 We've been to this spot every year, I think.  One year Scott caught a fish with his bare hands.  Later we found out this is one of the main spawning locations for that specific fish and you aren't supposed to mess with them…  SORRY…  We've had a lot of fun at this spot, playing in the water and stuff.  It's just a rest area, off the interstate…100_9773

We've always gone to Aspen and the John Denver Park, but I'm not sure if that'll be in the plans this time, being the end of November and more unpredictable weather…100_9796

It's just fun to hang out there.  There's a creek to play in and rocks to climb on and grass to run through.  Lots of pretty stuff to look at.







100_9909Another one of my all-time favorite shots.  This time of my little dood, while geo-caching again. 

So, that's what's on my mind this morning.  I can't wait for our trip to Vail this year!  We always have fun and we already have so many fun memories!


One thought on “What’s on my mind this lovely Saturday morning…

  1. I am so jealous Tina! It’s great that you have so many lovely memories of the same place. LOL at them catching you peeing though! 😀

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