Scotty-Bop is going to be in second grade? Really?

0512091242[1] Bee needed a little help early on, to really get into the fun of Fun Day.  But as the festivities went on, he had a great time!

(This is a great shot!!!  Scott took it with his phone.  Thanks, for sending it to me, babe!  Love you.)




100_0422He wasn't much into doing the Hokey-Pokey until Daddy got involved…


Slinging Bee around like a rag doll and controlling his arms like a puppet, Daddy saved the day.  Bee cracked a smile and suddenly…  he was having fun!







100_0429 Of course he thought Daddy was totally crazy.  (Scott and I have no intention of waiting til the boys are teenagers to start embarrassing them in front of their friends!)100_0438

All the kids loved playing Shark with the parachute.  Especially when the big high school kids are the sharks and the little kids just POOF, disappear under the chute!  You can hear the giggles from across town!


Bee did great at kickball.  Poor kid usually takes after me in the uncoordinated department.100_0452

Not sure who these cuties are, except I know they're in Bee's class.  Bee doesn't have girlfriends yet…  it's gross. 





100_0454 I love this shot.  He was having so much fun, giving it his all, not letting his bashful nature rule him!  Love his long hair too.


So his class is taking a tour of their new school next Tuesday.  Bee's already pretty familiar with it, since his brother is there already.  I love that my boys will both be at the same school again next year!!!

So with that, bye bye first grade!  (Mommy will miss you.)


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