Soon he’ll be a third grader…

100_0349 The big, older, more mature second graders call this day P.E. Day.  (In first grade and kindergarten it was referred to as Fun Day…  Whatever.)  I LOVE this first shot.  A real and totally genuine happy face!  He was uncontrollably laughing at a friend who was being silly.  God, I love that happy little face!100_0362

One of Will's two little girlfriends.  Her name is Madison and I'm thinking I approve…  because my grandkids would be little blonde, blue-eyed babies!  hehehe100_0374

Doing the Hokey-Pokey!  Wait til tomorrow, when you get to see how Daddy got Scotty to do the Hokey-Pokey!!









100_0383 By a mile, the parachute is everyone's favorite activity at Fun Day!  The little boy by Will is his best friend, Gavin.


I love this picture because it shows how fast Will is when he really wants to be.  Look at that long stride.  If he set his mind to it, he could be a pretty good athlete, I bet.  He has the long, lean body of an athlete, thanks to his father.100_0394

And here's the other girlfriend, Tiara, whom I whole-heartedly approve of also because my grandkids could look like me:  brown hair and brown eyes.  Both girls already show remarkable judgement in regards to men!  (Alright, I may be a little biased.)  lol100_0368

So, it's over for another year.  We all had a ball again!


Pictures of Scotty's Fun Day coming up tomorrow!


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