Had a great day at the park

100_0200 This is Legion Park, here in Sidney.  We've enjoyed this little park many times, but this day was paticularly weather perfect and I thought I'd share.





100_0191 I really wanted to walk around the lake, get some excercise, see how much I could do.  The boys really just wanted to play in the water…


We were finally able to come up with a fair compromise and they took a walk with me.  I agreed to let them play in the water before we left.





100_0206 Of course, as everyone who knows Scotty would guess, he was complaining about his legs being tired and hurting about half way around the lake.  When I asked him, "So your 42 year old, out-of-shape mommy can walk more than you can?" his reply was simply, "yeah." 

WHATEVER, KID!100_0234

So not only did I let them play in the water, but we spent a good 30 minutes on the playground too.  They had nothing to complain about at the end of our little trip to the park.






It was really fun…  for all of us.


I kept waiting for Bee to fall in the water.  I knew he'd be upset and crying, but it, apparently was a risk he was willing to take.  And for the record, he never did.  I still kept my camera ready… (Is that wrong of me?)100_0217

And we're outta here!





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