You can call me a Twi-hard, but I prefer Fanpire.

100_0253 This arrived yesterday and I felt 12 years old again, I was so excited!

My husband found this collector's kit last fall and he knew I'd want it.


100_0254 I love that creepy, ghostly figure of Edward…


Now I have the movie on Blu-Ray, which I guess is an important thing, according to my husband…

I've got the soundtrack on MP3 already, but now I have the cd too.100_0258

Love the movie stills that come with this kit…  they have a weird, silvery finish on them and look very cool.100_0259

Uh huh, I know, I'm a Twilight nerd…  thru and thru!




100_0266 I'll probably never wear it, unless to the premiere of New Moon maybe…  BUT I HAD TO HAVE IT!!!


Same with this cute little bracelet.  I already have a bracelet, inspired by Twilight:  with a wolf charm and a "diamond" heart that I love and wear all the time.  I think it's inconspicuous enough to get away with…  This one, however, maybe not…  Still wanted it!

I think it's time to read the series again and maybe watch my new Blu-Ray version of the movie!


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