What’s on my mind

Quiltvintageboy This makes me want to get my sewing machine out!  

I was reading SouleMama's blog this morning and getting inspired…  for someday, when I have free time again…  Here's the address, if you'd like to take a look:   


And this post just made me happy. http://www.soulemama.com/soulemama/2009/04/soulepapa-blogs-.html  .  Thought I'd share.  I hope you like it too.


One thought on “What’s on my mind

  1. There are moments when I really miss quilting, but mostly I’m glad I’m out of space for it right now. That’s one thing I love about knitting- it’s tidy! When I start quilting the mess seems to breed. Little threads, stray pins, etc… are found sprinkled all over the place. But then I see a darling quilt and start hankering to sew. Ah well! Tis not my season right now. :o) That’s fun that you like to quilt, too. We seem to have a lot in common, at least for hobbies.

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