He wants to be an art teacher when he grows up

100_0465 He loves anything artsy.  He has so much fun making stuff and he's so creative!  He told me, a few days ago, that he wants to be an art teacher when he grows up.  (which is so much more desirable than his first selection, which was working in the toy department at Wal-mart.)100_0464 We've been dying Easter eggs since they were old enough to hold an egg. They love doing it.  This year we did 3 dozen eggs!  Scotty keeps checking on them, in the frig.100_0467

Will has fun with it too, but he isn't passionate about it, like Bee.  Will was ready to be done when we finally ran out of eggs!  lol

I'm going to have them help me  make deviled eggs out of them later today.  

We have plastic eggs, filled with jelly beans hidden throughout the house, for an egg hunt in a little while.  And there are heavy-laden Easter baskets and toy bunnies hidden in my room, in anticipation of Daddy getting up and the celebrating beginning!100_0469  

I'm not sure if I was ready, but…  while telling the boys the story of Jesus and Easter yesterday, the subject naturally wandered to, "Is the Easter Bunny real?"  And then just as matter-of-factly, "Is Santa real?"  Let's just say my babies are no longer believers and I'm a little bummed…  Will and Scotty, however, had no problem with it.


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