Oooo, gotta make these!

Mrsjohnstone I found this pattern on Ravelry within days of thinking to myself, "Hmm, my jacket sleeves are just a little too short.  I wonder what kind of edging I could knit/sew to make the sleeves appear longer…"

The pattern is called Mrs. Beeton and you can find it in the mittens/gloves category on Ravelry.  It's free!

This first picture comes from "notanartist" on Ravelry.

The pattern calls for beading too, which I haven't decided whether or not I want to tackle.  (having never done beading before…)Mrsjohnstone2

Soon as I raid my stash and see if I have the right yarn, I'll probably go ahead and get started.  (would like off-white.)  The pattern calls for the outer ruffle to be mohair too,  which is beautiful, but I may want it to look more casual than that.  This second picture is from "wool-lady" on Ravelry.  Thanks, ladies, for sharing pictures!


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