Hopefully the last big snow of the season…

100_0324I love the snow, love being hold-up indoors, watching all hell break loose outdoors, but…  I like it in the winter!

Now, I'm ready to start thinking about tulips and green grass.  For crying out loud, Easter is this weekend!100_0331

My husband loves his snow blower!  So 11 days after having lung surgery, here's where you could find him.  I knew there was no need to argue with him about it…  I do think he over-did it, though.  He was in a good deal of pain last night…  One of his doctors lives right across the street and questioned whether or not he should be doing this…100_0352 

Or course, as you can imagine, the kids were in Heaven!  There really hasn't been much snow this winter…  'til now.

We lost power for several hours, with this storm.  That's always a little spooky, not knowing when it'll come back on.  We were able to find some candles and go to bed early and the power came back on sometime in the middle of the night.  So all's well.100_0368 

The boys are so funny.  There isn't one inch of them that doesn't get in the snow, all cold and wet.  They don't care.  They love it!  It's all I can do to follow in their tracks to take pictures!  lol100_0370

I grew up in the Southeast.  The only time I ever remember seeing snow in Savannah, Georgia, it was maybe an inch and it was gone in a half hour or so…

I always loved the idea of snow, though.  And now it's one of my requirements about where we live:  Does it snow there?  100_0382 

My strawberry pyramid is underneath that drift somewhere.  I hope they make it… 

Supposed to be 60 degrees and sunny tomorrow!!


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