Shared with my mother and sister-in-laws

Twilight1Us girls (mom-in-law, sister-in-law and me) watched Twilight night before last.  It was still just as good as it was the first time I saw it!002  

Also splurged on something silly for myself and bought a Bella charm bracelet.  I can't remember which book it is, that she gets this as a gift from Jacob.  (it isn't in the movie.)003   

I was a little perturbed that the wolf wasn't wooden, but when I questioned the seller about it, she said the wooden charms were so fragile that they were having trouble with breakage…  So now I'm just perfectly fine with the silver one.  Isn't it cute and fun?

Also I needed to write about Twilight because I'm sure Amanda was missing all the silly vampire talk on my blog! 


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