Crying, I smiled with joy

100_9711My sweet, beautiful husband went through hell this past week.  One of the kindest, best people you'll ever know and he went through hell this week.

Last Friday, after weeks of sickness and doctor visits, our family physician informed us that Scott's CT Scan led him to believe that Scott either had lung cancer or a chronic lung disease.  He told us the next step toward finding a diagnosis would be a lung biopsy.  Scott was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday, enduring intense emotional stress and agonizing physical pain…  but in the end, we were rewarded.

He DOES NOT have cancer.  He has a condition called sarcoidosis, from which our doctor is very optimistic about Scott having a full recovery.

 We went through hell.  But we're going to be just fine!


4 thoughts on “Crying, I smiled with joy

  1. I am so relieved and pleased for you. Our family has had a very similar experience so know exactly how you’ll have been feeling. Hope you have fantastic weekend now that you have this good news! xx

  2. My friend’s husband has that exact same thing! How weird. I never heard of it before and now I know 2 people with it.

  3. Seriously He has Sarcoid?? My husband has that too. What is it with our men and their lungs?
    He was diagnosed…about two years ago. Last spring (May) he was put on Prednisone and is now almost off of it.
    He goes every 6 weeks or so for a chest xray and lung function. They’re all great.

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