Fabulous time in Colorado, but always Heaven to be home!

076  We always have fun at the mountain house and this time was no exception!  We only got to spend the day, but this summer, we have big plans, including fishing trips with Daddy!053 

I'm not really sure what possessed the boys this time, but for the first time, they both were really into driving "the little red truck".  There was even talk of, "When can we get our driver's licenses."  NOT FOR A VERY LONG TIME YET, BOYS!!065 

So, here's our first little driver.  He did very well.  I sat next to them, with one hand on the steering wheel and my foot close to the pedals the whole time. (in case you were momentarily thinking me NUTS…)073  

Bee was a much more attentive driver than Will…  not sure what was going on there, but Will kept looking at different things and not paying attention to the road…  It was all great fun, though! (I thought Umpa might lose it a couple of times, but he managed to survive it too.)


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