Music to Share!

DannygokeyHave you heard this guy yet?

Sadly, he's only had four chances to sing so far, but I found this video, if you'd like to check him out: This shows all four performances.  (since it's early in the season, they're very short performances…dammit…lol)  For those who may not know, I'm talking about Season 8 of American Idol.  So, his name is Danny Gokey and he has my vote the rest of the season!Newmoon2

More music…  this is my current favorite song.  It's by Hana Pestle and is called Need.  She's campaigning to have this song included on the New Moon soundtrack.  My personal opinion is that it would be PERFECT!  Here's the link to check it out: .  Sadly, it isn't on Itunes yet, hopefully soon!


2 thoughts on “Music to Share!

  1. Well thanks for the video boo boo, I liked your favorite new song also. I guess you saw the show last night. Good. That girl Alexis is really good, even thogh i’m not a R&B fan, I know she’s good.
    You know the public is so wierd I was really afraid Danny might not win. Poor Tatiana though, I really wanted to see more of her too, although she’s nuts. She could sing.
    Call me later. Love you
    It was great talking with Doodle Ooodle Bug yesterda.

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