Everything AND the kitchen sink

022Ooooo, aaaah, pretty new kitchen sink and faucet! 


Um…  aftermath of new kitchen sink and faucet…  I better shut up and quit giving Scott a hard time, 'cause I have some heavy lifting that I want him to do for me later today.022  

Also have pretty new curtains in our bedroom.  (happy in a purely selfish way that the curtains in my folks' new house are all the wrong colors for them, but the right colors for us!  So guess who gets to enjoy them now?!)040  

In other news, I think the boys have enjoyed their couple days off from school. 


They've played in the snow a bunch!  (Made up for such a mild winter and very limited snow so far… )





On the knitting front, My So Called Scarf is coming right along.  I'll have it done in another couple of lazy knitting days… I say lazy days, because I have a nasty cold and I'm moving in slow motion…029  

And this was the progress made on my Mr. Greenjeans, during the retreat.  I originally didn't think it was much, but upon closer examination, this isn't just the back of the sweater, as I had thought while I was knitting along…  I can't wait to get to the decorative cable-y part!  ("Soon, my padawan, soon.")020 

It makes me so happy that Scotty pulled this sweater out of his closet to wear, with no coaxing from me!  I made it for him last year and he's only worn it a couple of times because he says it's too "itchy"…  Didn't seem to bother him when it was his choice to wear it, though…  He wore it all day, with no complaint…  (little control freak!)010  

And in closing, look what my little Doodle made at school for a Valentine's gift for me.  Isn't it adorable?  This is one of those school projects that you hold onto forever, I think! 

Better go tend to mommy stuff and boys now.  I hope you have a great day, whatever you're doing with your time!!


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