My So Called Scarf


011I put this yarn aside, almost a year ago, in anticipation of making "My So Called Scarf" from it…  Just never could get that spark of excitement for the project and get it started…  until yesterday.

A couple of the ladies at the retreat last weekend, had this scarf and it inspired me to get started on mine.012

I'm also excited to find out that there's just enough gray in this yarn, that I believe it'll  match my Bella mittens perfectly!

This is a really fun pattern…  kinda feels like cheating, the way you manipulate the stitches…  It's quick too:  large yarn, large needles.  I  only cast on 20 (pattern calls for 30), but I prefer skinnier scarves and I wasn't sure that I would have enough of this beautiful yarn to make it as long as I wanted it to be…  AND…  the yarn has been discontinued by the manufacturer…  ugh.

Also fun to use straight needles for the first time in a very long time!  I'm so easily pleased…


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