A New Computer and other stuff…

001I finished my Bella mittens yesterday and they are perfect!  They fit like a dream, they're soft and warm.  I think they're my favorite thing I've ever knit!  And, of course, you have to take a picture with an apple…  duh!002 

The weather's supposed to be really nice the next few days, but I'm sure my hands are going to be cold…  I'm wearing them, dammit!!!  lol016     

Also swatched for my first sweater yesterday.  I've changed my mind about the pattern and I'm going to make one called Mr. Greenjeans,  although mine is going to be brown…  (does that matter?  I need more coffee…)  This yarn is knitting up really nicely too.  It's "Rowan Kid Classic" and it is probably the softest yarn I've ever felt!  It's very light-weight too, this is going to be a great, light sweater!Greenjeans 

Here's a picture of someone else's completed Mr. Greenjeans. (for you non Ravelers.)  I just love it.  It's been on my to-do list for some time.

I decided against the Central Park Hoodie when I realized that I just bought two sweaters that look just like it…  I know, they're store-bought, not the same, but it's just too close for me.007

So, my Will asked, for the first time, to wear his Pirate mittens to school…  They're his!  I made them for him!  He should be able to wear them when and where he likes…  Right?  Then why am I so nervous that one of them won't come home?  I can't make them again!  I won't!  He said he'd be very careful with them…  I've got to let it go!009  

And, just for the heck of it, a happy picture of the little brother…

And in closing, just wanted to let you know that we had to buy a new computer.  Mine died on Sunday.  My honey hasn't reinstated my data from the old machine yet, so I don't have any photos past yesterday and no email addresses or favorites list (to visit my regular blogs) yet…  I'm a little lost, trying to compile all that again, so if you're waiting for a response from me, better to email me a new note and I'll get to it asap. 

Alrighty, I'm outta here…  off to do more mommy stuff…  Happy Tuesday!


2 thoughts on “A New Computer and other stuff…

  1. Doodle Bug’s skull mittens are actually beautiful. I know all the kids are going to want some. Boo you may have to start a business knitting skull mittens. uh huh.
    Both the boys look so cooooooooool and purtttty. hehehehe.

  2. lol at you not letting Will wear his mitts to school! Joel wears his all the time ( and you can tell! ) but my friend won’t let her little boy wear the ones I knit him. She is totally paranoid that he’ll lose one!

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