It Was a Huge Success!

100_7889Will's birthday party, yesterday was big hit!  He told us it was "awesome", which is the highest compliment an 8-year-old can give.100_7890 

The only thing that makes me sad about the whole deal is:  I think they're always going to want a birthday party at home, with friends from now on…100_7910 

It can be a little stressful with 1/2 dozen kids running around like crazy people, in your house.  Maybe as they get a little older, there'll be less of that paticular behavior, though.  Looks like everyone had a fun time!100_7927 

In knitting news, I got my first pair of Bella Mittens done yesterday!  They are so beautiful!  Excellent pattern!  I just can't say enough about it.  I began on the second, larger pair yesterday too.  Hoping to have them done in the next few days so I can wear them!100_7931 

Because this is what it looks like outside of my house today…  And we aren't able to get the cars in the garage right now because it's subbing as a wood-working shop…  That steering wheel gets so cold…  brrrr….   My new mittens are going to be perfect!

Alright, I'm off to make the most of a snow day at home.  I'm making (for the first time in my life) from-scratch, homemade lasagna.  Recipe says it takes about 3 hours to prepare, so IT BETTER BE WORTH IT! 



One thought on “It Was a Huge Success!

  1. Yes parties at home can indeed be scary. I once had 24 4 year olds for Lily’s birthday and it took about 4 weeks for me and the house to recover! Looks like he had a fantastic time though, so it was worth it…wasn’t it? 😀

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