What’s on my mind today…

Edward Finished the first Twilight book last night.  It's probably a record for me to read a book in only two days.  (I'm not much of a reader…  never have been.)  Also, I did something very bad…  I went on the Internet and found out some of the details of the end of the fourth book.  I had to know!  And now that book 2, 3 and 4 are on their way to me, I'll read them much more easily and happily knowing that a couple things will end the way I want them to.

Also bought the soundtrack on Itunes yesterday.  Haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, what with all the reading being done!100_7616 

So, there is more going on than just reading spooky/sexy vampire books…  (not much more the last couple of days, I admit.)  I love this picture of Grandma and toosh.  tootsie-pop became a constant companion to Grandma, while she was here.  And I thought she'd be the perfect little model for the hat that Grandma knit for Bee…  since she was right there, on Grandma, the whole time it was being knit.  (she doesn't look very happy about modeling for me, though…)100_7694 

Here's a picture of the hat Grandma made for Will, to match his vest.  I'll get a picture of him, sooner or later, with both on.  Not on this day however, because it was pajama party day at school…100_7701

Here's my first finished monkey.  I used a larger needle than the pattern called for, to get a bigger finished sock, so I don't have enough yarn…  it's a bummer.  So these are on hold til I can get another skein.  It's been ordered, but may take a little while, since it's hand-painted.  Yep, the new skein may be slightly different, but we're going to try our best…100_7768 

Thanks to a very encouraging Internet-knitting friend, I decided to try my hand at color-work again.  (and I'm so glad I did.)  What a fun finished project…  even though chart-reading still isn't on the top of my list of fun things to do…  100_7769  (Thank you, Amanda, for all your input!)

These mittens are for Will and I think he's excited for me to be done with them.  My mom couldn't see the skulls on them…  Can you?  The boys saw them right away–that's what makes them so cool…  Because I can't bare the thought of reading this chart again for another pair, I found a differnt pattern for the other boy and I'm going to make him a hat that looks like the dome top of R2D2.  Hoping to still get all this done before Christmas…  Wish me luck…100_7774 

And the final knitting project to share, for now, is the finished blanket for Bee.  I've decided to keep it a couple more years, til I think he's old enough to appreciate it.  It's really an heirloom, made by his mother and both his grandmothers.  Very special indeed and I want him to be a little more thoughtful of things before I give it to him.  I think it turned out beautifully, though.100_7763   

In closing, it's so nice to be 5 days before Christmas.  This is my favorite time of year, the few days prior to the big event:  all the anticipation and fun coming up.  So happy that my boys are out of school for two weeks and can stay home and play and have fun.  So thankful that we have a warm, comfy home to stay in when the weather is this cold.  (high of 14 degrees today and a low many degrees below zero.)  So thankful for my sweet husband, who takes such good care of all of us.  I love you, baby!


2 thoughts on “What’s on my mind today…

  1. Everything looks very cosy at yours! I absolutely adore the blanket!
    And those mittens…it is entirely your fault that I cast on another pair on Thursday night with the idea that I needed them for Saturday night! 😀 😀 Talk about putting myself under pressure. Just about managed it though and they were very well reeived by Joel’s best friend. 😀

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