Another completed group knitting project and a boy


When my mother and I first started knitting, maybe 3 years ago, we participated in a square-of-the-month class where we'd have a new pattern for a 12 x 12 square each month and at the end of the year we were going to sew them all together and have a beautiful blanket…  Well, we grew tired of the class before completing the blanket, so we used what squares we had to make a small blanket for Scotty (pictures later) and this pillow.  My mother-in-law finished off both projects for me, sewing them together and trimming them out and even quilting a fleece backing onto the blanket.  They both turned out gorgeous!100_7669 


Will has his Christmas show at school today, which reminded me that I never shared a photo from Scotty's show last week.  These kinds of things mean so much to kids.  I'm so happy I can be there and share in the whole thing with them.  Doesn't he look happy?  (he's the one on the upper back row, with the red and black shirt and the big smile.)  I'll have pictures of my Will later.


So today's my first day on my own, since my surgery.  My mother-in-law went home yesterday.  My folks come back on the 21st for Christmas.  My honey is a little worried about me possibly-maybe trying to do too much too soon.  It's very sweet.  I love him so much. 


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