Finally, Some Knit News… (and other stuff too.)

100_7530_00Finally got these off Bee's feet to take a picture of them.  He loves them, wore them 3 straight days before he'd let me wash them!  lol  And now they smell like lavender baby bath!  mmmm.Darkened 

I have finally made a decision about this wrap…  I've been fretting over it for nearly two years, knowing that it wasn't going to be wide enough for my liking and trying to figure out how to add width in a cool and aesthetic way…  Finally decided to abandon it as a wrap and bind it off and use it as a table runner.  I think I'm going to love it!100_7536 

(Didn't realize until just now, that I really made some headway in the knitting department yesterday, making decisions and getting things off the needles.)  This is yet another long-on-the-back-burner sock that I've decided to rip.  I LOVE this yarn.  My mother gave it to me.  I want to find just the right project for it.  Might become a sock yet.  What do you think Ravelers?  Would this yarn work for with the Monkey sock pattern?100_7531 

In closing, I ran across this adorable little book when I was moving my scrapbook room and I thought to myself, "Wow, I'm a better scrapbooker than I thought."  Then I realized this is the book that I bought from my dear friend, Tracey, who happens to be a phenomenal scrapbooker.  Oh well, it's mine now!  lol



4 thoughts on “Finally, Some Knit News… (and other stuff too.)

  1. the socks are beautiful. and the runner is beautiful on your color table it matches great. Good idea. I don’t know what I’ll ever do with mine either. Maybe in the next year if I lose enough weight, i’ll like it as a wrap.
    Love Me.

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