Should I plan on being sick all winter?

I've moved onto my next virus…  Started Sunday, with a terrible headache and sore throat.  (I assume the same virus that kept Will out of school two days last week.)  I was able to deny it yesterday and I got a lot done around the house.  It's getting to the point now that I don't think I can ignore it anymore.  A hot toddy and an early bedtime is in my future!100_7469 

Bee-bop and I surprised my Mom this past Saturday and drove down to Colorado to attend her  birthday party.  I think she was happy to see him…  lol 



Sunday and yesterday my honey and I worked on moving the playroom downstairs and my office/scrapbook room upstairs…100_7482 

I love it.  I actually have sunshine in my office!  When the boys were in this room, the blinds rarely got opened because they couldn't see their video games well…  now they're open most of the time!100_7484 

My knitting stuff and yarn stash is kept in bins (also on metal shelves) in the store room downstairs.  I just didn't want to clutter up my space this time…  So the storeroom is easily accessible enough for knit stuff.100_7487 

Scott had fixed up the closet for all the boys' electronics.  It works perfectly for my stuff too!  100_7492   

My next project is a Thanksgiving project that the boys are going to help me with…  It involves twigs, glue, a maple leaf punchy and grateful thoughts…  It's going to be fun.


3 thoughts on “Should I plan on being sick all winter?

  1. Your office looks like a great place to be. I always have such good intentions when I tidy my craft room but it never lasts. And Lily is like a whirlwind when she’s in it!

  2. Well the new scrapbook room looks really pretty. You’re going to be wishing you did that a long time ago. Now the upstairs will all look picked up and organized all the time. The playroom was a disaster most of the time. And the boys like it also. Downstairs.
    It looks beautiful. It’s the difference in at our Mead house, Jack’s was in that dark office and mine office was in the Sunroom, hello, daylight.
    Pretty pictures.
    Hope you’re feeling better today. Supposed to snow in the morning. Guess we can’t complain, but I don’t like winter. yuk.

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