It’s Novemeber 1st and 80 degrees!

It's 80 degrees here today and I know I should be thankful, but there's just a part of me that knows it should be 50!  I should be thankful because the boys can play outside and Scott and I can wash the windows and the puppies can frolick in the grass…  right?  (I'M TRYING TO BE POSITIVE HERE!)  I heard on the local news that the latest snowfall, on record, for this area is November 21st.  THE LATEST EVER!  So how can it be 80 degrees now?100_7368    And it's supposed to be warm again tomorrow too…  Ugh.

The boys went trick-or-treating with Daddy last night and had a ball.  They didn't last very long.  Scott said they were ready to stop because they were tired.  Bee's been battling a stomach bug for a couple of days now, even missed school yesterday.  He was so determined to go trick-or-treating, but you could see it in his eyes, he didn't feel good.  (My poor baby.  What a bummer to be sick on Halloween.)  So they got home kinda early, but they had fun handing out candy to other kids too!  They even saw some of their school friends in costume.

Something else on my mind, with my surgery finally scheduled for the first part of December, I have a couple big projects I want to get done before then.  One is this:100_7359 

We want to move this room upstairs…






100_7362 And this room downstairs.

This is something I've been thinking about doing for a while now…  I love the light in their playroom and they like the "cave" feel of my office downstairs…  It's just that both rooms have so much stuff in them!  It's going to be a giant pain in the butt.  I know I won't get any sympathy from my mother, though.  The're moving into their new house today!  So, Scott and I are making plans to do this before the surgery, mostly because I won't be able to climb stairs for 6 weeks and I need access to all the stuff in my office.  I don't know what I'm going to do if I need access to my yarn stash that also happens to be downstairs, in another room!  lol100_0145 

Another project I plan to do next week sometime:  all the Christmas decorating. (this is a picture of our tree from last year.)   I can't believe I'm talking about decorating for Christmas and it's 80 degrees outside!  (ok I'll shut up about it now…) 

We're going to be doing some major furniture rearranging for our tree this year.  Our little house is so full, it's difficult to find tree room these days…  Also, last year I simplified Christmas quite a bit, only using a fraction of our Christmas decor.  I haven't decided what I'm doing this year:  keeping it simple or going all out…  I tend to like simple because I'm very sensitive to the yuckiness of clutter and having too much stuff!

This time of year is pretty busy for me even when I'm not planning a major surgery…  So there may be a few things that won't get done this year. It'll still be great.  I just know it.


One thought on “It’s Novemeber 1st and 80 degrees!

  1. Well I’m looking forward to seeing lots of Christmas decorations in blogland this year! I suspect yours may be the first!

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