I said I would and I did!

100_7349 Ok, so I cheated a little and used a bread machine, but I did bake bread for the first time in ages!  I chose to make whole wheat.  Will loved it and ate a big, ol' piece with butter, while it was still hot from the oven!  (that's the main reason I wanted to make it!  Love that boy!)100_7355 

Also finished some knitting that I can't share yet, because it's a gift, started on a blue pair of socks that Scotty's been requesting for quite some time and I'm making plans for this beautiful yellow too!100_7340 

Yesterday afternoon, Bee had a  friend come over to play, after school.  The boys had a ball!  I didn't really notice how big my boys are (compared to Scotty's friend) until I saw this picture.  Scott and I made giant boys!  lol

Yesterday was a busy, fun day.  Even made a yummy dinner too.  I made a chicken casserole that is so good.  My friend, Belinda shared the recipe with me several years ago and it's been a hit with my husband ever since.  It's very easy:  it's just chicken and onion cooked up in a skillet, then layered in a casserole with prepared Stove Top stuffing, a can of cream of chicken soup and topped with grated cheddar cheese.  Total comfort food.  I love when Scott goes back for seconds!  (I know, I'm weird.) 

Just a lovely day yesterday!


One thought on “I said I would and I did!

  1. Yep the bread sure looks pretty. That’s the first thing you know, then taste. Glad Doodle Bug loved it, Bee wouldn’t huh.
    All the pictures are pretty. The yard is your fav. wierdo. Kin to Doodle.
    I ordered the WHIP. All is ok.
    So talk with ya later.
    Love ya.

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