Waiting for the Brown Truck…

100_6922Here's my first Fetching fingerless glove…  all done and I love it!  I got the second one done, only lacking 4 rounds, when I ran out of yarn.  Ugh!  So another skein is on it's way to me, via UPS.  I changed the thumb, according to some modifications that I read about on Ravelry.  Here's the link, if you'd like to check it out:  http://knitphomaniac.livejournal.com/84383.html .  I love how it turned out.  Can't wait to wear them.  And I've already started thinking about my next pair!


One thought on “Waiting for the Brown Truck…

  1. I finally picked mine back up and finished this morning. Only had the BO and thumb to do on the right-hand one, so don’t know why I let it sit. Probably because of the socks. I’ll have to read the pattern and see what the thumb gusset difference is. You made Santa Fetchings!! Mine are boring…lol.

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