Different Visions

100_6769For many years, I've had this recurring dream about Scott and I being older and our grown children coming to visit at Christmas time.  They're bringing the grandkids and gifts and the whole family.  There are gifts and cookies and all the great stuff about Christmas!  In my dream, we live in a cabin that looks much like this one!  I was so thrilled to see this picture.  It's the closest thing I've ever seen to the cabin in my dream.  So I emailed it to Scott and told him that this was my dream retirement home.  Isn't it cute?  Cozy?  Perfect? 

This is what he emailed me back…Cabin 

I think the front porch is more square footage than the whole cabin that I wanted…  So, if we're both retired, does the husband help with housework?

Cabin7 Cause there's lots of wood floors, in this house, to be mopped…  lol


It must be a sign from God, right?  They have the same quilt on the master bed as we do…  lol


    I must admit, this is my dream bathtub!!!




Yep, I can see it.  Can you?  Scotty:  6'5", hugging me in the kitchen while stealing a cookie.  I can see Will, who is also a bit taller than Scott,  talking to his father over there, by the fireplace… 


Alright…  I think this might work afterall…






3 thoughts on “Different Visions

  1. Who is going to shovel all that snow in the winter. Don’t forget old retired people don’t like the cold because it hurts their bones.
    That used to be my dream and the kids don’t come every Christmas because they move away and also have in-laws to share their time with. How many Christmas’ have you shared with your mother-in-law?

  2. Ah we can dream can’t we! Every year we buy a Christmas scene jigsaw and every year I wish I could have a ‘Victorian Christmas’!

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