Sunday in pictures


The last crop of homegrown tomatoes got frozen!


Every morning!



Our typical frig with lots of crafty, messy toys on top and yummy stuff to eat inside…


My favorite spot in our house.  I love all the colorful things I've painted and collected inside this hutch, that I was fortunate enough to inherit from my paternal grandparents.  I love the beautiful art, on the wall, that my folks bought me last summer at a great little art gallery in Grand Lake, Colorado.  I love the Christmas Cactus that my mom-in-law decided to share with us.  I love my candle on top and pictures of my boys, the vase full of knitting needles and Will's sheet music for guitar lessons.  I love it all!100_6735 

I'm really having fun playing fantasy football this year.  This picture is of my honey checking  how his team is doing.


Self portrait, still in my jammies, hair up, no make-up.  Whatever…  it's honest.100_6745 

Finally, can relax and drift off to sleep, in our comfy, cozy bed.


2 thoughts on “Sunday in pictures

  1. I really like this idea of ‘a day in the life’ post’. Think I’m going to do something similar.
    btw…love your cosy corner around the hutch!

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