Saturday, stayed home


This is my view when having a coffee break in the mornings…


Daddy, helping the boys out with costume malfunctions.100_6657 

New Halloween costumes are still completely awesome!  (hopefully they'll last 'til Halloween…)100_6658 

So, in this shot, Bee is putting up with Dood shooting him…


In this shot, Bee's expression is GREAT.  He's rolling his eyes, like his brother is so dumb…  lol



Fall has finally arrived in our yard…  (the old sand box is still to be completely removed.)


The last of this year's tomatoes…  Don't they look sad at the end of summer?


My baby, hard at work, making the yard beautiful again.


Crazy pups, trying to kill  leaves.



This little maple has changed color the most so far.  I'm just thrilled that it's still living.  Last year a section of the fence fell on it and completely flattened it…  I can't believe it survived…


The strawberries are doing well,  but only produced about 8 berries the whole summer…  Maybe next year.  Gotta buy chicken wire and get straw from K to fix 'em up for the winter again.



Pretty Iowa marigolds.  (Seeds sewn from flowers we had in our yard in Iowa.)


A beautiful surprise.  Scott found that our  Columbine decided to bloom late.  (a friend of his, at work, was giving cuttings away last spring and we took several.)  I thought they were going to be yellow, but I love this red and yellow.  Just awesome!100_6704 

I really like this shot.  Got my Iowa-looking garden flag, the jack-o-lantern in the front window,  the rose bush and my gorgeous husband all in one shot!  Sometimes I just get lucky…  lol


What was I doing while he was busy, hard at work, cutting the grass?




Bee loves playing in the front yard.  If the weather cooperates this week, I'm going to get the sidewalk chalk out, one day after school.


Our Doodle loves toy weapons of any kind.  He's all boy!

100_6715  Just a pretty shot of the front yard, in closing.



FINALLY, got my consult with the physician tomorrow to talk about my hysterectomy.  It's felt like everything's been on hold for months because of these doctors.  You know what doctors think MD stands for, right?  "Medical Deity".  The first surgeon had to book the appointment 6 weeks out (that was her first opening).  Then her staff called three times, the week prior to the appointment to confirm that I would be there and then, the day before called and canceled.  No excuse, no apology, no offer to reschedule.   I was furious.  So I've found another doctor, who also comes highly recommended and will, hopefully, see him tomorrow.  Sure would be nice to get moving on this stuff…  So I'll be taking off for Scottsbluff, NE first thing in the morning for that appointment.  It's an extremely boring, hour and a half long drive.  Thank God, I have good music and fast car!


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