100_6538Bee had trouble waking up this morning…


Doodle was a little grumpy because he had to go to school at all.


I started blocking the Christmas blankey.


The boys had chores to do today.



100_6549 I found time to knit a little on Bee's second zebra sock.


Bee's delighted to announce that he still has most of his tattoo from A Day Out With Thomas.


The boys and I smooch everyday!



The little boy retreat.  aka the playroom.


I'm blown away at the last 3 guitar lessons!  It's like Will finally got it.  The light bulb came on.  It's amazing.  He's reading music and playing songs and seems to be enjoying it.  I can't wait to get my (Scott's) guitar back, so that I can play along! 

Look at his little hands and his expression…  oh my God, looking at this shot,  I can see him 15 years in the future, and he's AMAZING!


One thought on “Thursday

  1. Good grief at all the stuff you put on here. Oh yeah, that Doodle Bug is something holding that guitar. I want to kiss those little boy fingers.
    Love ya.

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