Tuesday Morning

100_6375I began taking pictures and keeping notes for my Week in the Life album yesterday.  I thought I'd share some of my photos so far.  I'm already really enjoying this process.  It makes you really stop and take notice of all around you.  It makes me feel incredibly blessed!100_6367 

The first shot is of all the squares that Guh and I made, that I'm going to sew together for one of Bee's Christmas presents.100_6381      The second shot is of "boy breakfast".  Also in the shot:  the sugar dish that Grandma made for us and (a constant in my life)… prescriptions.

And on to better things-the third shot is my COFFEE!  YUMMO!Brushingteethmosaic

The next mosaic of shots is my crazy nut, Doodle, brushing his teeth.  Bee has his own silly way of brushing his teeth too, but it's hard to capture in a still photo.  He vibrates his whole body with the electric toothbrush and makes silly, shakey noises.  It's very funny!100_6396 

Next is taking boys to school.  I think my boys are late to school every day, due to the traffic.100_6397   Can you believe that we live in a town of 6000 people and my children are late everyday because of TRAFFIC?!?  I'm done letting it get to me, though.  That's life.  I'm on time, I can't help it that the schools don't have sufficient space to let all of us drop our kids off in a timely manner…  (it has bugged me in the past quite a bit, as you can probably tell…  hehehe)100_6401 

Here's a picture of "The Purple Car".


Had lunch at Pizza Hut, with Mandy.  No, I'm not sure why I didn't get a picture of her… 100_6410  

Went to the bank.  Umpa gave us a big box of change to cash in and told us the boys could split however much it ended up being…100_6412   It was a small box, but they made a killin'.


Went to the grocery store, actually three times yesterday.  I kept meaning to get some cold medicine and forgot twice…  Ugh!100_6423 

Picked up silly boys from school. 

Scott brought home yummy Chinese for dinner-I wasn't feeling well and didn't want to cook.  100_6427

We did homework way too late yesterday.  New rule:  homework first thing, when we get home from school!

We all went to bed early last night.  It was wonderful!


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