This Week is Flying By…

100_6178So, what is it about a slow cooker meal that makes me feel like a good Mommy?

Will was kinda funny this morning.  I was trying to hurry him out of the car and into school and told him, "Will, hurry up, Mommy has lots of Mommy work to do today." He replied, "Mommy, why do you work so hard?" To which I replied, "Well, Dood, it takes a lot of work to be a good Mommy."  He mulled it over a minute and then said, "But, Mommy, we like you the way you are."  So, how would you take that?  lol

I can't believe it's already Wednesday!  My honey's taking off for his second business trip in as many weeks, tomorrow morning.  I have to pack up the boys and myself for a weekend trip to Colorado.  We're going to A Day Out With Thomas in Golden.  According to the news, the autumn colors should be at their peak there!  Should be a fun, beautiful time.  Also, almost at the last minute, my cousin, Lisa and two fo her kids have decided to join us.  I'm not going to tell the boys until we get there.  They're going to be so excited about Jack Thomas going with us!!!      100_6175 

I had fun yesterday, making cookies for Bee's Cub Scout troop too.  It was our turn to host the meeting and Bee did great, passing out craft supplies and cookies, leading the Pledge of Allegiance and helping in general.  Our cookies were a big hit too!  (Got some Boy Scout treasurer business to take care of before I can leave town too…  It's popcorn season and the money's rolling in!)100_6171 

So, in closing for today…  guess what I'm doing…  When I first started knitting, my mother and I enrolled in a square-of-the-month class.  (we thought it would be a good way to learn lots of new techniques and it was.)  But we got bored and as we learned the techniques, we also learned what we liked and didn't like and so the squares (mine and my mom's) have been in storage all this time.  We pull them out to look at them, once in a while and them put them back in their box.  Well, I called her yesterday and asked if she'd like to combine the squares and make the blanket.  I'll sew it together.  She said yes and she'd like me to have the finished object!  Originally I was thinking this would be a great blanket for Bee for Christmas, but most of the squares are wool and he doesn't much like the feel of wool…  so I'm not sure who will end up with it, but I can't wait to get it stitched up.  I'll be bringing the additional squares home this weekend!

Guess that's all I have today.  I hope you're having a fabulous day!


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