100_6155 I really enjoyed this project.  It was a pretty quick knit, being mostly stockinette.  I wish I hadn't allowed myself to get bogged down and frustrated with the collar.  The collar took me nearly as long as the front, because I couldn't decide what edging to do.  Eventually I setted on consistancy with the bottom of the sweater, but only after I had tried FIVE different edges and ripped them all out.  ( I know, I'm stupid.  lol)

Will loves it.  And it's the first time that Scott has been really (believably) complimentary about one of my knit projects.  And just to make sure he really liked it, I asked, "Is it good enough for him to wear in Christmas portraits this year?"  He replied yes. 

So, I'm  a happy camper with a big knitty ego today!  hehehe


One thought on “FINISHED!!!

  1. It’s beautiful Boo. Doodle is so gorgeous. I need to get my done also. Maybe sometime next week I can work on it.
    Anyway, it sure is pretty. The yarn is really handsome on our Doodle.
    Love me.

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