Mosaic Monday

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ACOT Sept Photo Hunt mosaic, originally uploaded by doo010101.

Monday morning, the first day of Scott's business trip and me being on my own! Got the boys off to school just fine. Had to take tootsie-pop back to the vet this morning… we missed a parasite last time. So the doctor fixed her up again and hopefully for the final time. She's on medicine again… poor little pup.

So, on a lighter note, I thought I'd share some photographs that I've taken over the past few days, for a photo contest on my new, favorite scrapbook on-line community, . The contest is called a photo hunt (kind of like a scavenger hunt, but you take pictures of the subjects they give you.) It's been a lot of fun so far!

I'm thinking I'll need to take a bunch of the pictures while in Colorado for Thomas the Tank Engine… we don't have any leaves turning yet and that's one of the items on the hunt… Should be fun!


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