Sunday Morning Stuff

100_6065Got the back done last night.  I can't believe I got the back of a vest done in two days…  I don't know how I did it…  it's big needles and big yarn, but still…  I'm going to start on the front today, which, I'm sure, will take longer, since it has cables and a v-neck.  I might be delusional, but I'm thinking I might have it done this week…  We'll see.100_6040 

Just one more thing to share today.  I took the boys to the park yesterday to play and have a picnic.  When I wanted to get pictures, I told them, "Ok, boys, give me pretty smiles and put your arms around each other."  They complied and I got a really sweet shot!100_6043  

Then I said, "ok, now be crazy."

They do "crazy" really well!  (little weirdos…lol) 


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