Oh yeah, this does my heart good!


We haven't seen blue skies and sun for close to a week.  Been having very dreary, overcast, cold days.  So when I awoke this morning and opened the window, my whole self felt happy!  Thermometer says it's 48 degrees and it's gorgeous! 

When I open the window these days, and it's much cooler than I expect, I always remember how exciting it was, as a kid, when vacationing out west, to wake up in the mornings and find the weather to be so cool.   Growing up in Savannah, Georgia, it was rarely cool, unless it was the dead of winter.  It was exciting out here and we acted like idiots when we encountered cool weather and God forbid we find snow!  lol100_5986 

So I did a little knitting yesterday.  Got a respectable amount done on the boys' new fall vest.100_5961  I love the idea of not having to knit sleeves!!

Got several more inches done on Bee's zebras yesterday too…  (further than this picture shows.)  Katherine and Denise are coming over tonight to knit with me.  Should be fun.100_5835   

My honey's leaving for a business trip to Las Vegas tomorrow.  He'll be gone all week.  Should be an interesting look at single parenthood.  (that's me, attempting to be optimistic and not freak out about my husband being gone for an entire week!) 

I guess that's it for now.  Going to go enjoy the beautiful morning some more! 


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