I just bought tickets…

IM001963 Guess what we're doing?!  Our boys have been big Thomas fans since they were tiny…  Bee still loves everything Thomas!  When I mentioned to the boys that Thomas was coming to Colorado, they were very excited.  So I bought tickets this morning and we'll head down to the Colorado Railway Museum in Golden, CO on Sept 27th.IM006697  

See how little our boys were the last time we saw Thomas?


They were still babies!  This was September 2004 and the boys were 2 and 3.  Will had just started his first year of preschool with our favorite teacher, Miss Margaret.IM006722  

I LOVE this shot!  Smiles from ear to ear, you think they were having fun?

I can't wait to take them again!  It should be a blast! 


One thought on “I just bought tickets…

  1. Well that’s it. That’s the way I still want our boys to be. It was 2 and 3. The perfect baby boy look. They are so purrrrrty.
    I want those little baby cheeks.
    Love Me.
    On the way to Lucilles this morning. I’ll maybe call ya later today.

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